metasonix, 2006
Alexander Prior
Konzerthaus, Sibelius: Pelléas & Mélisande, Valse triste, 4. April, 2014
CARMEN act 3 (beginning), Royal Danish Opera, March 20, 2013
CARMEN, Royal Danish Opera, March 20, 2013
BBC America
Interview BBC America 2010
Rehersal Mahler No.4 with Seattle Symphony, 2010
World-premiere of Alexander's Triple-Concerto: That which must forever remain unspoken
A tormented, dark piece of music (1st movement).
LONDON Barbican
Conducting John Adam's The Chairman Dances. Barbican London. Age 17.
Last movement of Alexander's Concerto for Violin, Viola, Cello piano and Orchestra - VELESSLAVITSA.
Enjoy the soloists! Their age range from 10 to 14. Alex, here age 16 happens to be Methuselah.
St. Petersburg
Exerpt of Alexander's Symphony No.4 - GOGOL for large orchestra, soprano, bass-baritone and choir and boy-choir. A work composed and conducted by a boy age 16. Commissioned by the city of St. Petersburg celebrating the 200th birthday of national poet Nikolai Wassiljewitsch Gogol.
Here on a religious poem.
Alexander conducting his ballet Mowgli in sold-out Kremlin-Theatre Moscow, age 15. It's on stage since 7 years now.